All sports are under the microscope regarding head injuries.  You don't need us to tell you Head Trauma is a real concern in Hockey.  Combine the potential for head injuries with the data we've seen regarding Hockey Helmets, and it's worth looking into your options for extra head protection.  Virginia Tech tested 37 Hockey Helmets to study using the STAR evaluation system and the results were eye opening regarding the protective nature of the helmets.

The ThundaGear GelShell is the perfect addition to your Hockey Helmet, and should be a "standard-issue" Hockey Gear for all players at all ages!

Lab Tested to reduce the G-forces and Player Approved for Comfort, Style and Protection!

"It just makes sense to add an extra layer of protection!"  Team ThundaGear


"We ordered these from you at the hockey expo in Minnesota a couple of weeks ago! Boys are trying them out for the first time today! Thank you!!!!"
Mom - Tampa Florida