NO PROTECTIVE HEADGEAR CAN PREVENT SERIOUS HEAD OR NECK INJURIES, CONCUSSIONS, BRAIN DAMAGE, PARALYSIS, OR DEATH FROM INTENTIONAL OR ACCIDENTAL CONTACT.  Participation in certain activities, including sporting activities, includes inherent risks assumed by the participant, and protective headgear products do not eliminate any such risk.  Users participating in any such activity assume the risks of participation and should: seek proper training and instruction before participating in any such activity; follow all rules of the activity; wear any and all protective headgear recommended and approved for participation in the activity; and refrain from butting, ramming, or otherwise striking any object/participant with your head and/or any protective headgear, including this skullcap.  FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.  

This skullcap is NOT A SUBSTITUTE for using the protective headgear recommended and approved for any activity, which includes but is not limited to helmets.  While this skullcap is not a substitute for the recommended and approved protective headgear, this skull cap may be worn concurrently with and underneath the protective headgear so long as the user/participant follows all instructions and recommendations provided by the manufacturer/seller of the protective headgear.  DO NOT MISUSE THIS SKULLCAP OR ANY PROTECTIVE HEADGEAR concurrently worn with this skullcap, as MISUSE MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.  

This skullcap DOES NOT PREVENT SERIOUS INJURIES, INCLUDING HEAD OR NECK INJURIES, CONCUSSIONS, BRAIN DAMAGE, AND PARALYSIS, OR DEATH that may arise from intentional or accidental contact.  Symptoms include loss of consciousness or memory, dizziness, headache, nausea, or confusion.  Should a head injury, neck injury, or concussion occur, IMMEDIATELY STOP THE ACTIVITY and SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION and DO NOT RESUME ANY ACTIVITY until obtaining MEDICAL CLEARANCE.  Ignoring these warnings may result in further injury.

ThundaGear Inc. is NOT ASSOCIATED WITH any other protective headgear manufacturer, and DOES NOT ASSERT, CERTIFY, OR GUARANTEE that this skullcap may be used with any specific protective headgear product or that its use has been approved by the specific protective headgear manufacturer/seller.  YOU MUST READ the protective headgear instructions and warnings BEFORE USING THIS SKULLCAP with the protective headgear.

If this skullcap is damaged, DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY and discard.