Toledo Rockets Story

ThundaGear is proud to announce our partnership with The University of Toledo Rockets!

Beginning this fall season, you may notice Rocket football players wearing a skull cap under their helmets.  However, this skull cap is vastly different from others as it has a patented gel-based protective layer that has been tested to reduce the amount of G-forces that are placed on the head.

The foundation of the ThundaGear / Toledo Rockets partnership goes back to February 2015, when at a meeting in his office to discuss ideas, Head Coach Matt Campbell quipped “Why wouldn’t we want to test out this product?  We want to be on the cutting-edge of technology and do everything we can to keep our players safe!

And with that meeting, ThundaGear sprung into action and worked closely with the coaches, equipment staff and players.  Co-Founders James Harsh and Ron Roberts attended every Spring practice gathering immediate feedback from players and Assistant Equipment Manager Jeremy Boyd to make important modifications to ensure a comfortable, reliable fit!

It was at these practices, that ThundaGear coined the phrase “Feel the Difference!”, as many players were quick to say that line when asked about its performance.  

ThundaGear has been tested in the lab by ICS Labs and test results show a decrease of forces by 24%!  And now, ThundaGear has sufficient positive results from Toledo Rocket football players to also say “Player Approved!”.  Whether you’re playing NFL,  Division I, High School or Youth football, ThundaGear offers you style, comfort and most importantly an added layer of protection!

Also, ThundaGear is proud to say “Made in USA” and more specifically “Made in Toledo”!  Our manufacturing facility is located near the infamous Toledo Jeep Plant and we are proud to stay local and offer jobs and opportunities to our local community!

Whether you’re watching the Toledo Rockets at the Glass Bowl or on ESPN, be on the look out for the stylish and protective ThundaGear GelShells ranging in colors from Black, Midnight Blue and Gold made specially for the Toledo Rockets!