Football player Rolan Milligan of the Toledo Rockets sports his ThundaGear GelShell from the sidelines during Iowa State game.

  Rolan Milligan Jr. - Toledo Rockets

2017 Detroit Lions

"ThundaGear really helped me after my concussion that I suffered during camp.  If I was wearing a GelShell before, maybe it would have kept me from getting the concussion in the first place.  The ThundaGear GelShell is comfortable and I recommend it to those who want or need the extra protection."












Tom Amstutz

Former Head Coach

Toledo Rockets

2001 - 2008

4 MAC Titles

4 Bowl Appearances







“As a former Division I player, coach and now Expert Witness in a concussion lawsuit, I can say with confidence that wearing ThundaGear under the helmet just makes sense.  Football is a physical game, there is no way around that.  ThundaGear gives the player another layer of protection.


“If ThundaGear was available when I was a head coach, I would have highly recommended my players to wear a GelShell for the added protection.”
“Every school should consider ThundaGear as an option to keep their players more safe.”


  Reece Allison - North Carolina

High School Football

"Whether you play Football, Baseball or Racing....the Allison Family are believers!"

"Thank you ThundaGear for the extra head protection for my son Reece! He likes wearing it and I like the peace of mind knowing I am doing all I can to protect him."

"As a Father and a Coach, I have been promoting your product and hope to see more explore the option of ThundaGear for all Sports!"

- Joe Allison





Concerned Parents -  Oak Harbor, Ohio

Youth Football

"So August has started which means the start to another football season! Our sons are entering 5th and 6th grade. This is the second season of tackle football for our oldest and first for our youngest. Last year we were introduced to ThundaGear. We decided to purchase a cap for our oldest son even though he was only in 5th grade. Our sons love sports and we love the benefits that sports bring to their lives. We have heard all the horror stories about concussions, and you worry about your son's safety. You always want the best for your children. We wanted to give them every ounce of protection we could. We have family members that can no longer play the game they love because of too many concussion. We have seen 5th and 6th graders take extremely hard hits and get a concussion. As children are learning to tackle they might not always remember to use proper technique. Football is a wonderful sport and as a family we love it, but as a parent you worry about your children. For all of these reasons, we sought out ThundaGear again this season to get another cap for our youngest son as he starts his tackle football career. Our sons will be able to use these caps as they grow for added protection, and for that we are thankful!

Dan and Katie Allen


Rony Nelson of West Michigan Ironmen signs autographs for children while parents and ThundaGear co-founder Ron Roberts look on.


Rony Nelson

West Michigan Ironmen

Professional Indoor Football


"I highly recommend ThundaGear and the GelShell for all sports!  I play hard and hit hard and it gives me the confidence that I am doing all I can to add extra protection to my head.  It helps me and it can help you or your child!  Please watch my video as I explain more about the benefits!" 










Three kids having fun wearing ThundaGear Gelshell for extra head protection while playing hockey.


T. Cox - Hockey Mom

Tampa, FL

 "As a parent of an active boy, I feel good knowing that I am taking every proactive measure to protect his head.  There are no guarantees but he likes wearing ThundaGear and I like having the extra protection!"



 8 Year Old Girl

Toledo, OH


"ThundaGear feels like having pillows around my head!  I wear mine for soccer and riding my bike.  I think all kids should wear a GelShell."






Head Football Coach Jeff Wood of Bedford Michigan Mules Coaches from sidelines.


Jeff Wood

Head Football Coach


High School

Bedford, MI

Thundagear has constructed a product that  safely and comfortably equips our kids for contact sports. Their skull cap gives our players confidence with every hit in practice or on Friday nights. We had over 20 players wear ThundaGear this season and of those players we did not experience any concussions or head injuries.  As Head Coach, it's my responsibility to introduce this type of extra protection to my player's parents.  We look forward to protecting many more next season!"

"The Bedford Mules are believers!"





 Father Brian wearing ThundaGear GelShell for extra head protection for skiing.


  Father Brian Hurley

St. Anthony Catholic Church

Temperance, MI


"Thank you ThundaGear!  I used the GelShell for skiing this season and it worked great!  It fit nicely under my helmet and was comfortable to wear; adding warmth and extra head protection.  When skiing in Vail, I showed my classmates from John Carroll University and they really liked it and were surprised how light it was!"










Robert Easter Jr.



17 - 0 (14KO's)

World Championship Fight


"I wear ThundaGear under my head gear for sparring and it works great!  It feels comfortable and it helps to absorb the blows."
















  Leslie Hasselbach - Head Coach

Clemson University Diving


 “We will do everything we can to protect our athletes.  ThundaGear makes sense for our divers!”









Chris Jones - Head Coach / General Manager

Saskatchewan Roughriders

Canadian Football League

  “It’s a small price for us to pay to provide the latest in head protection equipment.  We want to take every precaution to protect our athletes!”




Chase Murdock

  Previous LB 

Toledo Rockets

  “I was the first DI football player to put the GelShell to the test and immediately I could feel the difference.  It allowed me to feel confident and comfortable in making hits.  As a linebacker, contact is made on every play and I liked knowing I had extra protection."


G. OH - Goalie


  “I am grateful my friend learned about ThundaGear and recommended I try it.  Now, I can't imagine playing goalie without it!" 





Rodger Fleming


“ThundaGear is a game changer! I believe this product will revolutionize the way we look at preventing head trauma by protecting all athletes - any age, in any sport.”

- Former Tampa Bay Rays Trainer

- Current Owner of Body Awareness Performance & Massage Therapy


John Nemec - Former 33 Year Head Coach

Ohio HS Coaches Hall of Fame

 “With the recent findings on sports related concussions, it is important for coaches in all sports to seek better ways to protect our athletes. I feel the ThundaGear Cap is a positive step toward achieving that goal. It offers an extra layer of protection for participants of all ages.”




Matt Campbell - Head Coach

Iowa State University

“Our game is under attack!  We have to do all we can to protect our kids!  At Toledo, we were the first major football program to use ThundaGear and I am proud of that fact.” 

“I believe so strongly in Thundagear that I brought the product here to Iowa State.”




Leslie I. - Mom

“I can't thank ThundaGear enough!  My daughter was playing in the ASA18U Nationals as a catcher and was struck in the head with a bat.  I contacted ThundaGear that day and they overnighted a GelShell and it was received the next morning!  My daughter was hit in the head "again" with a bat but this time had extra protection.  She said she could feel the difference.  She loves wearing it and it certainly makes me feel better!  I think all catchers should wear ThundaGear!"







"Her team won to become National Champs!  I hope we were the first to become National Champs wearing ThundaGear!"



Oak Harbor Youth Football

Parent Comments

 "Thank you ThundaGear!  We appreciate you meeting with us and sharing more information about your product.  We feel better knowing our boys have an extra layer of protection for their heads!  All Youth Football programs should offer the GelShell to their players!"





Dundee High School Football


Head Football Coach Kyle McElvany

 "This was our first season having our players wear the ThundaGear caps and it was one of the best equipment purchases we have ever made. Our players said they were more comfortable than other products and I saw a difference in regards to their health. We will be encouraging all of our players from youth through varsity to purchase a gelcap from now on."



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