Test Results

ICS Labs Testing Results:

- Impact Testing Information:

  • Our units were tested at ICS Laboratories, a leading independent laboratory in North America for testing and conformity assessment of PPE, as well as other independent facilities.  
  • All tests were conducted at an official NOCSAE speed of 17ft/sec.  
  • Test Results showed ThundaGear GelShells dropped the force of an impact up to 16.3% and the severity index (SI) was reduced by up to 149 points.

- Temperature:

  • ICS scientists designed a reliable method to measure temperatures of both the surface of the skull form and the helmet interior on the form, simultaneously.
  • Minute-by-minute, 130 readings proved that the ThundaGear GelShells & the helmet stayed significantly cooler. The surface of the skull form stayed an average of 3.5°F cooler wearing the GelShell while the helmet interior stayed an average of 13°F cooler!

Severity Index Test Results

Severity Index Reduction Test Results
Severity Index Reduction Pie Chart Test Results

G Force Test Results

G Force Reduction Test Results

Test data represents the peak performance results of a ThundaGear GelShell being independently tested by ICS Laboratories.
Testing was completed using multiple helmet models by different manufactures which are used by players in football today.