How To Clean A GelShell



The ThundaGear GelShell has been handcrafted in the US to the highest quality standards.  We are proud to announce the GelShell is comprised of 94% US Content!

In order to ensure longevity for your GelShell, please follow these easy Care Instructions.

Hand Wash Recommended:

This can be performed in a sink or in the shower.  Use Cold water and Mild detergent.  Let unit air dry overnight.

Lite cleaning:

After use, turn GelShell inside out and spray both sides of the unit with an Antibacterial spray.  Let unit air dry overnight.

Machine wash:

You may wash your GelShell in a washer on a Lite Cycle, using Mild Detergent, No Bleach and No Fabric Softener.  Let unit air dry overnight.  We suggest using Machine Wash option sparingly to ensure longer life of your unit.

Do not use dryer!


Testimonial:     Julie S. - Sylvania, OH - Owner of 2 ThundaGear GelShells


  "I actually did wash them every day after practice or games and hung them to dry. I washed them on gently cycle in cold water~no softener only mild cleaner.  Air dried overnight!"


"Yes, I would say it was durable and lasted the entire season, and looks as if they can be worn again next year!"