Horseback Riding



Each year in the US, about 8.5 million people ride horses.  Riding a horse does come with risks but you can take precautions.  Did you know horseback riding has the highest proportion of brain injuries in all sports related ER visits?  Brain injuries comprise about 18 percent of all horseback riding injuries. They are the number one reason for horse-related hospital admissions and the leading cause of death.  Concussions account for about 5% of ER visits, which is more than double that for other major sports.

By simply wearing a helmet, you can drastically reduce your chance for injury.  And, adding a ThundaGear GelShell under your helmet will only add an extra layer of protection and reduce the g-forces of an impact sustained to the head.

It just makes sense to add a ThundaGear GelShell to all you do!  Have fun, be safe and play protected!