About ThundaGear

Who We Are:  

The ThundaGear concept was created in Toledo, Ohio by a team of like-minded individuals that believe there is a crucial need to reduce head impact among today's athletes, work environments, youth, elderly and military.  After years of research and development and millions of dollars in investment in this industry, together with our our think-tank of medical advisors, academic leaders and sports professionals we have created the ThundaGear GelShell.


1.  WE BELIEVE the human brain is the most valuable asset in the universe and needs to be protected at all costs.  By providing an additional layer of patented gel-based layer of soft shell protection we are creating a layer of impact reducing protection. There is a need for this product, and we call it the GelShell!

2.  WE BELIEVE our GelShell has created a new product category of soft shell headwear protection that we have given birth to. Gel protection is new and has never been conceptualized in this manner.  In our humble opinion, this invention is long over due. We finally have the solution. 

3.  WE BELIEVE the players are faster and stronger, the games are played at a much faster pace and most importantly the force of impacts are reaching higher than ever G-force levels.  The game has evolved and so must the protection equipment our kids and players are wearing.  We believe there needs to be a layer of protection between the hardshell helmets and the actual skull. It just makes sense to insulate the brain from traumatic impact as much as possible.  The cost of the product is immeasurable to the protection provided by reducing impact to the head. 

4.  WE BELIEVE no matter the Sport or Activity you are participating in, if there is a possibility to experience an impact to your head, a ThundaGear GelShell is a must!

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Our Contact Information:


James Harsh - Co-Founder

Paul Rahe - Co-Founder

Ron Roberts - Co-Founder

Dave Walkosky - Director of Team Sales