ThundaGear GelShell Features

GelShell Technology Features

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    Testing by ICS Labs and other leading independent labs show that a ThundaGear GelShell reduced the G-forces by up to 16.3% and the Severity Index (SI) by up to 25%.

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    Temperature Control

    Our use of high-tech CleanCool fabrics ensures absorbing of sweat and storing excessive heat on contact, keeping players in the game cool-headed and ready to perform.

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    With ThundaGearís stretch-fit materials our GelShell fits snug around the head adding supreme comfort for both under the helmet and non-helmet wear.

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    Small silicon knubs help provide grip around the band preventing slippage, even when sweating & performing at the top of your game.

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    Variety of colors to choose from. We can provide custom designs, logos and embroidery options. Look good and experience an unprecedented level of protection.

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    Made in the USA & Organic

    The ThundaGear GelShell was created and produced in the USA and the inner Gel Protective layer is built with up to 85% organic materials. Keeping you safe and environmentally friendly.

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    Moisture Wicking

    Our multi-channel cross section fabrics are designed to move moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the material for the fastest drying possible.

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    Our materials contain nano sized silver [Ag] the eliminates highly tolerant MRSA as well as Staphylococcus and Pheumococcus in a short time eliminating odor causing germs.

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