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ThundaGear is the maker of a gel-based skull cap providing an extra layer of Head Protection and Temperature Control for all sports and activities known as the GelShell.  The GelShell can be worn under any helmet for an extra layer of head protection or by itself for the only layer of head protection.  

Works for all Ages, all Sports and all Activities.

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ThundaGear GelShell Technology - Protection, Climate Control, Comfortable, and Grip
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    Testing by ICS Labs and other leading independent labs show that a ThundaGear GelShell reduced the G-forces by up to 16.3% and the Severity Index (SI) by up to 25%.

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    Temperature Control

    Our use of high-tech CleanCool fabrics ensures absorbing of sweat and storing excessive heat on contact, keeping players in the game cool-headed and ready to perform.

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    With ThundaGearís stretch-fit materials our GelShell fits snug around the head adding supreme comfort for both under the helmet and non-helmet wear.

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    Small silicon knubs help provide grip around the band preventing slippage, even when sweating & performing at the top of your game.

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    Variety of colors to choose from. We can provide custom designs, logos and embroidery options. Look good and experience an unprecedented level of protection.

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    Made in the USA & Organic

    The ThundaGear GelShell was created and produced in the USA and the inner Gel Protective layer is built with up to 85% organic materials. Keeping you safe and environmentally friendly.

ThundaGear GelShell Technology - Be Strong

Lab & Field Tested; Proven results

The ThundaGear GelShell was tested by ICS Laboratories, a leader in North America in personal protective equipment (PPE) testing, and other leading independent labs.

130 test readings proved that the ThundaGear GelShell will reduce the G-Force Impact by up to 16.3% and the helmet interior stayed significantly cooler. The surface of the testing head stayed an average of 3.5°F cooler wearing the GelShell while the helmet interior stayed an average of 13°F cooler!

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